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Adding Money – mixing great investment strategies

Since I’m working in finance I’ve always been looking for the best way to invest. I’ve searched the internet, talked to a lot professionals and I studied the academic literature thoroughly. And I did a lot of testing as you can imagine. What have I found out? Just having a well diversified portfolio does better than most methods on the long run. Particularly if you hold it at the lowest cost available. Nevertheless, there are several strategies that do better than the standard ‘buy and hold’ method. Some show higher returns, some show lower risk and some show both simultaneously. Compounding the benefits of these strategies over many years will make an important difference to your success in developing your capital. You’ll find these strategies below.

Higher returns without higher market risk I

Invented in 2013 (I won the ‘best thesis of the year’ price at the VU University in Amsterdam in 2013) the FineBalance Low Real Risk Strategy remains very profitable up to this time and day. It’s a strategy for the European market since the necessary investment instruments are only available here. Want to know more? Please send me a mail at